Opening of the 2020 Scientific Prizes and Master studentships


Apply to our Scientific Prizes and master studentships 2020.

News (16/03/2020)


The Fondation Pour l'Audition has opened applications for the Scientific Prizes and research master studentships !


The scientific prizes 2020.

Again this year, the Fondation Pour l'Audition will be rewarding 3 researchers, in France and abroad, dedicated to auditory research. The prizes that may be awarded are :

  • 1 Scientific Grand Prize,
  • 1 Early Career Scientific Prize clinical research,
  • 1 Early Career Scientific Prize fundamental research.

The grant for the Emerging Scientific Prizes is €40,000 each and €100,000 for the Scientific Grand Prize.

Application closed

More informations here.

The research master studentships.

The Fondation Pour l'Audition also supports students in research master in the realization of their internship: ENT residents, speech therapists and audiology students and graduates.

The grant received by the host organisation is a maximum of €40,000.

Application closed

More information here.

Rediscover the two scientific prizes 2019.

In 2019, two researchers were recognized for their major discoveries: the discovery of the role of a key protein in the auditory system by Professor Jeffrey R. Holt, who was awarded the Grand Prix Scientifique; and the work on neurophysiological markers of deafness by Dr. David Bakhos, who was awarded the Emerging Scientist Award for Clinical Research.