Two international congresses focusing on Usher syndrome


On July 19-21, 2018, two international congresses will take place in Mainz, Germany, on Usher syndrome, the main cause of hereditary hearing and vision loss

Research (01/07/2018)


On July 19-21, 2018, two international congresses on Usher syndrome will take place in Mainz, Germany. This combined symposium for scientists and another for patients is being organized in partnership with Fondation Pour l’Audition and Fondation Voir & Entendre, as part of the LIGHT4DEAF research pr


Usher syndrome is the main cause of hereditary hearing and vision loss. It is due to damage to the hearing and visual sensory organs and may be accompanied by poor balance.

On July 19-20, the 4th Scientific Symposium on Usher Syndrome will bring together the world’s leading researchers on this disease to address key issues:

  • Genetics and screening for Usher syndrome
  • Advances in cellular and molecular biology
  • Therapies for Usher syndrome

This symposium will enable scientists to exchange ideas and knowledge with the aim of facilitating research and the development of treatments for Usher syndrome.

Meanwhile, a patient symposium will take place on July 21, with experts presenting scientific breakthroughs, therapies, innovations and clinical trials in layman’s terms.

One major aim of this symposium is to promote dialogue between Usher syndrome patients and the doctors and scientists present.

The syndrome can be studied from the perspective of patients, taking into account their psychosocial health.

These combined congresses make a major contribution to fighting Usher syndrome, attempting to overcome the obstacles faced by patients in terms of communication, leisure activities, mobility and careers.

The symposium will be accessible in sign language, with simultaneous transcriptions in English and German.

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