Tinnitus, prevention and innovation… a busy month of march for hearing!


A busy month of March for hearing!

News (01/03/2018)


2018 will be no exception: in March, hearing in every shape and form will be in the spotlight thanks to two events: World Hearing Day on March 3 and National Hearing Day on March 8.


The first event will highlight the importance of hearing health and preventing hearing loss, especially among the younger generations. Meanwhile, National Hearing Day will place the accent on tinnitus and hyperacusis, two “21st-century curses.”

Millions of French people suffer daily from the symptoms of tinnitus, which is why Fondation Pour l’Audition has met with Zeta Technologies, a start-up that has developed a solution to this debilitating disorder.

Want to know more about tinnitus? Watch our video, produced in partnership with the Dans Ton Corps YouTube channel!

Last but not least, last month the Foundation launched its annual Scientific Prizes, which are now open to international candidates for the first time.

We wish you happy reading and a month of healthy hearing this March!