« Let’s keep our ears and hearts open to life »


The editorial of Jean-Pierre Meyers, Chairman of the Fondation Pour l’Audition.

News (04/10/2018)


Image de JP Meyers

« Hearing loss is a major problem in our society, but it is widely underestimated, often overlooked and even taboo. With the support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, my wife and I decided to create the Fondation Pour l’Audition to raise public awareness of this issue, promote scientific progress and develop new solutions.

To achieve thisRecognized as a public-interest foundation, our ambition is to become France’s leading organization for hearing health., it is essential to work on all fronts, aligning research, treatment and prevention.

Our efforts are focused on two main areas: raising awareness to prevent and limit the impact of hearing loss, and improving our understanding of these disorders to find a cure.

We need to talk about the importance of preserving hearing health and help the best talents develop solutions to improve the lives of people impacted by hearing loss.

Hearing links people.

It’s a wonderful yet fragile sense.

Let’s protect our hearing and keep our ears and hearts open to life. »