If you are subject to income tax in France, a percentage of every donation you make to the FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION may be deducted from your taxes: 66% of the amount for individuals (limited to 20% of your taxable income) or 60% for companies (limited to €5 per €1,000 turnover).


The FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION helps men and women to improve their lifelong hearing through effective prevention and support.

You can help support people with hearing loss and professionals by making a donation to theFONDATION POUR L’AUDITION. TheFONDATION POUR L’AUDITION’s accounts are controlled and certified every year by an auditor, as required by law. The FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION meets all the legal and moral requirements of a charitable foundation.

Key figures on hearing loss:

  • 10 million people impacted in France
  • 360 million worldwide
  • More than 1 billion worldwide by 2050 (WHO evaluation)
  • 12-15% of children and young adults could already have hearing loss due to excessive exposure to loud music

You can make a donation online by submitting the form below or sending a check to the FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION, 13 rue Moreau, 75012 Paris, France. All donors will receive a tax receipt.