The AGIR POUR L’AUDITION – ACTING TODAY PRIZE is open to the different organizations offering support to people with hearing loss, whatever their age or the cause of their disorder. Candidates for the prize must be French non-profit organizations or local government authorities. The prize is intended to extend and amplify the action carried out by the laureate in aid of hearing health.

The latest prize ceremony took place on March 11, 2105 with a first prize of €40,000, a second prize of €25,000 and a third prize of €15,000.

AGIR POUR L’AUDITION received 33 applications and selected the following three winners:

  • La Société Française de Réflexion Sensori-Cognitive (SOFRESC) obtained the first prize for its “AVEC” (Audition, Vision, Equilibre, Cognition – Hearing, Vision, Balance and Cognition) kit developed by health professionals to enable an early diagnosis of sensory-cognitive fragilities and guidance for the people concerned. This project meets an immense public health need for an objective measure of the cognitive impact of hearing loss.
  • Prima Donna obtained the second prize for accompanying the play by Isabelle Fruchart and Zabou Breitman, Journal de ma nouvelle oreille. The actor does a wonderful job of breaking the taboo of hearing aids with a moving account of how her life has been transformed.
  • Le Messageur obtained the third prize for its innovative tools and services enabling people with hearing loss to access oral communications. By selecting Le Messageur, the jury wished to underline the importance of direct transcription, which opens the door to further development in the future.


AGIR POUR L’AUDITION – ACTING TODAY PRIZE is restricted to French organizations.

AGIR POUR L’AUDITION – ACTING TODAY PRIZE is restricted to French organizations.