Hearing research



6 million people have hearing loss in France today.

Hearing aids and cochlear implants provide invaluable support but there is currently no cure and there is some way to go before we can fully understand these disorders and offer much-needed solutions.

Accelerating hearing research

With our supports program, Fondation Pour l’Audition aims to accelerate breakthroughs in hearing health by encouraging research and scientific and medical innovation:

  • By supporting French research laboratories in the field of hearing health through calls for proposals, scientific prizes and open requests.
  • By sponsoring the creation of the Institut de l'Audition, in Paris, the first multidisciplinary hearing science research center, bringing together the world’s best scientific and medical teams to advance research and develop new solutions.
  • By supporting the creation of Audiology Research Centres, a network of clinical research platforms in audiology, selected on the criterias of clinical excellence and patient recruitment capacity.



To carry out these different tasks, the Fondation Pour l'Audition relies on an international scientific committee that meets several times a year.

The committee reviews strategic scientific orientations, identifies research projects of excellence in otology and audiology received in the framework of our annual calls for projects and provides counsel regarding scientific projects developped by the Fondation Pour l'Audition team.

Each year, it proposes to the Board of Directors research projects and laureates to fund. It is chaired by Professor Karen Avraham (Israel) and is composed of :

  • Doctor Bastian Epp (Denmark),
  • Doctor Frank R. Lin (USA),
  • Professor Lawrence R. Lustig (United States),
  • Professor Brigitte Malgrange (Belgium),
  • Professor David R. Moore (USA),
  • Professor Cécile Parietti-Winkler (France),
  • Dr. Jonathan Peelle (USA),
  • Dr. Gabrielle H. Saunders (United Kingdom),
  • Professor Thierry van den Abbeele (France).