Paul Avan

Institut de l'Audition (15/03/2021)



Support for Hearing Institute teams


Directed by Professor Paul Avan, the Center for Research and Innovation in Human Audiology (CERIAH) at the Hearing Institute is an Institut Pasteur-hosted platform (due to open in March 2021) focusing on developing research protocols involving humans (not including clinical trials for drugs).

Advances in auditory neuroscience have led to the discovery of a range of hearing impairments: some require sound amplification, some require an increase in the contrast between loud and soft sounds, while others require a reduction in noise, etc. Aural rehabilitation devices are available but are only effective if they are adjusted to the specific needs of the patient.

CERIAH aims to deepen our understanding of hearing complaints to arrive at personalized medicine.

Professeur Paul Avan
Director of CERIAH
Institut de l’Audition, Paris, France