Dr. Régis Nouvian, laureate of a 2018 Fondation Pour l’Audition research grant

call for proposals (06/12/2018)


Dr. Régis Nouvian, research director at the Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier, will conduct research to examine the role of the s-called “Ftl1” protein in hearing loss.


Project : A new mechanism of hearing loss linked to Ftl1 deficiency

Hearing occurs through the hair cells in the inner ear, which transform sounds into electrical signals that can be deciphered by the brain. Any deficit in the hair cells can lead to hearing loss. Dr. Nouvain and his team have identified in these cells an iron-transporting protein, known as Ftl1.

Dr. Nouvian’s research project will study the role of the Ftl1 protein in the inner ear of mice and the associated mechanism potentially involved in hearing loss.