Fondation Pour l’Audition promotes breakthroughs in hearing health to improve everyday life for people with hearing loss and their families.

You can contribute to audiology research and help support people with hearing loss by making a donation to Fondation Pour l’Audition. The foundation’s accounts are audited and certified annually, in line with regulation. Fondation Pour l’Audition meets all the legal and moral requirements of public-interest organizations.

Here are some key figures on hearing:

  • 11 million people are impacted by hearing loss in France today
  • 466 million people are impacted worldwide
  • More than 2,5 billion people will have hearing loss by 2050 (WHO estimates)
  • 12-15% of children and young adults could already experience hearing loss due to exposure to loud noise


How to make a donation?

You can make a donation online or send a check to Fondation Pour l’Audition, 13 rue Moreau, 75012 Paris, France. In both cases, you will receive a fiscal receipt.

If you pay income tax, any donations made to Fondation Pour l’Audition may entitle you to a tax credit:

  • In France, this amounts to 66% of each donation (up to a maximum of 20% of your taxable income).
  • Similarly, French companies may deduct 60% of their donations from corporate tax (up to a maximum of 0.5% of their revenues).
  • People who pay real-estate wealth tax in France may deduct up to 75% of the donations made (up to an annual maximum of €50,000).