Jeanne Clarke: laureate of a 2015 Fondation Pour l’Audition Research Fellowship

call for proposals (06/12/2018)


Some people with hearing loss wear a cochlear implant in one ear and a hearing aid in the other. Dr. Jeanne Clarke, a young researcher at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics (LMA) in Marseille, is studying the interactions between these two systems to help improve their joint performance.


Project : How to optimize the performance of a cochlear implant and a hearing aid worn together by a person with hearing loss?

Many people with hearing loss have difficulties communicating in noisy environments such as busy streets or crowded restaurants. Those with severe hearing loss may wear a cochlear implant, which restores some hearing. Those with residual hearing in the other ear may also wear a hearing aid, which enables them to understand speech more easily, especially in noisy environments. However, the reasons for these benefits are not fully understood. A cochlear implant delivers electric signals to the ear, while a hearing aid amplifies acoustic signals arriving in the ear.

The project led by Dr. Jeanne Clarke under the supervision of Prof. Olivier Macherey and Dr. Gaston Hilkhuysen aims to discover if and how these two types of information (electric from the cochlear implant and acoustic from the hearing aid) merge, and whether doing so can make speech easier to understand.

This research will enable wearers of both a cochlear implant and a hearing aid to adjust the devices in a way that optimizes their joint performance.