Dr. Amandine Jarysta, laureate of a 2018 Fondation Pour l’Audition fellowship

research grant (06/12/2018)


Dr. Amandine Jarysta will carry out research aimed at better understanding how sensorineural cells are manufactured, as part of her postdoctoral project at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor in the United States.


Project : Explaining the role of Daple and Girdin proteins in manufacturing sensorineural cells

Hearing is a complex process initiated when sound vibrations are detected by the sensorineural cells, also known as hair cells, in the inner ear.

Hearing loss, the most common birth defect in developed countries, is mainly due to genetic mutations impacting the proteins forming hair cells. Among these are G proteins. Mice with abnormal G proteins experience difficulty in manufacturing functional hair cells and present early profound hearing loss.

Two other proteins, Daple and Girdin, are capable of regulating G proteins in other contexts, such as cancer. Their role in manufacturing hair cells is not yet known. Dr. Amandine Jarysta will examine this question during her postdoctoral work.

Before envisaging therapies for repairing hair cells and restoring healthy hearing, it is essential to understand how these cells form and develop. Research into Daple and Gardin proteins will determine whether they play a role in the creation of inner hair cells.