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New starting in September 2018! Fondation Pour l’Audition to offer workshops and support groups for parents of children with hearing loss.

Fondation Pour l’Audition is teaming up with EDP-IDP (École des Parents et des Éducateurs d’Ile de France) to offer a support program for parents from the point at which they discover their children have hearing loss. 

After the birth of a child with hearing loss, families receive a wealth of information and considerable medical follow-up. However, parent associations working in this area note the need for further information and non-medical support, particularly regarding the appropriate language and communication to use with their children.

To meet this need, Fondation Pour l’Audition is setting up training for parents, providing information and support to improve quality of life for children with hearing loss and their families.

Workshops led by professionals will offer specific tips for parents of children with hearing difficulties. When necessary, the program will be accessible in French Sign Language and cued speech. Key to creating the right conditions for education are communications, or in other words choosing the right visual language and understanding the principles and objectives of sign language or cued speech. This means helping parents and children use a quality language, and enabling them to regain skills.

Support groups will also be set up for parents to share their experiences, express their feelings, discuss their difficulties and ask questions on hearing loss or other specific topics.

For more information on the program and enrollment, please call EDP-IDP on +33 1 44 93 44 84 send an email to cafedesparents@epe-idf.com

You can also download the program here.


Programme 2021-2022 EPE-IDF


Pour toutes demandes d’informations, contactez :

  • L'École des Parents et des Éducateurs d’Ile-de-France : par téléphone au 01 44 93 44 84 ou par email cafedesparents@epe-idf.com
  • L'École des Parents et des Éducateurs du Loiret : par téléphone au 06 58 99 45 45 ou par email à l'adresse suivant contact@epe45.fr
  • L'École des Parents et des Éducateurs de  l'Hérault : par téléphone au 06 47 03 43 58 ou par email à l'adresse suivant contact@epe34.fr

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