FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION is organized as follows:

  • A board of directors
  • A scientific committee
  • An executive team

The board of directors is chaired by Jean-Pierre Meyers and is composed of::

  • Mr. Jean-Pierre Meyers ;
  • Mrs. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers ;
  • The Fondation Bettencourt Schueller représented by two persons : Mr. Olivier Brault et Mr. Armand de Boissière.
  • Mr. Nicolas Brusson ;
  • Mr. Jean-Marie Dru ;
  • Pr. Bruno Frachet.
  • Mr Cédric Lorant ;
  • Mr. Lionel Collet
  • Mr Olivier Tcherniak ;
  • Mr Antoine Triller.
  • Mr Etienne Caniard
  • Commissaire au gouvernement : Madame Anne Paoletti.

The Bureau of Fondation Pour l’Audition is composed of :

  • Mr. Jean-Pierre Meyers, president ;
  • Mr. Olivier Brault, vice-president ;
  • Mr.  Nicolas Brusson, treasurer ;
  • Mr. Olivier Tcherniak, secretary.

The scientific committee of the ACCELERATING RESEARCH AND INNOVATION program proposes scientific strategic orientations, identifies the best audiology research projects and evaluates projects initiated by FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION, submitting the scientific projects and fellowships to the board of directors for approval. The scientific committee is chaired by Professor Karen B. Avraham (Israel) and is composed of:

  • Pr. Adrien A. Eshraghi (United States)
  • Dr. Jonathan Peelle (United States)
  • Dr. Bastian Epp (Denmark)
  • Pr. Sophia E. Kramer (Netherlands)
  • Dr. Frank R. Lin (United States)
  • Pr. Lawrence R. Lustig (United States)
  • Pr. Brigitte Malgrange (Belgium)
  • Pr. David R. Moore (United States)
  • Pr. Christophe Vincent (France)

The executive team is composed of:

  • Mr. Benoît Péricard, interim Managing Director
  • Mrs. Catherine Lefebvre, Secretary General
  • Dr. Marie-Josée Duran (PhD), Chief Scientific Officer and Director of the "Accelerating research and innovation" scientific program
  • Mr. Arnaud Porte, head of the "Improving the lives of people impacted by hearing loss" program
  • Mrs. Christel Lantier, Office Manager
  • Mrs. Agathe Coustaux, head of communications and development
  • Mr. Léonard Francelet, Communication Project Manager
  • PhD Salma Hazgui, Scientific Communication Officer
  • Mrs, Chloé Bretagnolle, executive officer on the "Improving the lives of people impacted by hearing loss" program
  • Mrs, Lucie Lansmarie, Communications officer