Le Messageur is a cooperative and participatory enterprise (société coopérative et participative or SCOP) that offers innovative services enabling people with hearing loss to access communications.

Working alongside associations, Le Messageur aims to raise public awareness of the challenges associated with hearing loss and promote the spread of tools improving access to all areas of social, professional and civic life for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
The tools and services developed by SCOP Le Messageur are intended to fulfill identified needs :

The tools and services developed by Le Messageur meet two main needs:

1/ Making public events accessible to people with hearing loss, thanks to:

  • Simultaneous transcription into 15 languages and Braille
  • The option of using Le Messageur’s own sound technology for specific events
  • Induction loop sound systems, improving sound quality for hearing aid wearers

2/ Making telephony accessible to people who are oral deaf (deaf and able to talk), deafblind, or using sign language in partnership with Websourd (a cooperative and participatory enterprise offering accessibility services for deaf people)

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