LA SOFRESC (Société Française de Réflexion Sensori-Cognitive) – 2015

LA SOFRESC (Société Française de Réflexion Sensori-Cognitive) – 2015

SOFRESC, a non-profit organization founded in 2007, aims to reflect on the assessment of sensorineural disorders, promote research in degenerative brain disorders, organize training in this field and promote multidisciplinary exchange.

Neurodegenerative and sensorineural disorders are among the main reasons for elderly people losing their autonomy and going into care homes. With aging populations and increased life expectancy, the early detection and prevention of potentially disabling pathologies enables people to age better – in particular, by enabling individuals to conserve maximum functional capacity and autonomy for the best possible quality of life. To this end, the serious, professional consideration of complaints linked to memory and sensory impairment will be critical over the coming years.

Doctors are at the heart of preventing, screening and providing support for this type of complaint, to promote healthy aging, delay neurodegenerative and sensorineural pathologies, and preserve the autonomy and best quality of life for patients and their families.

Given the prevalence of these issues and their consequences, sensory and cognitive disorders must be diagnosed more widely through the involvement of patients, care assistants and all health professionals, including hearing aid specialists.

The association of cognitive and sensory disorders with loss of balance and falls leads to people losing their autonomy and becoming dependent. The purpose of diagnosing patients as early as possible and directing them to the relevant professionals in each field is to preserve their remaining capacities and delay the consequences of sensory and cognitive losses.

In light of the epidemiological, clinical and environmental data, SOFRESC has developed a quick and easy tool that has already been approved for diagnosing sensorineural vulnerabilities among the widest possible audience.

Known as AVEC (Audition, Vision, Equilibre, Cognition or Hearing, Vision, Balance, Cognition) this tool identifies difficulties in four fields through four tests. The results must be analyzed by a doctor or trained professional before being sent to the patient’s general practitioner, who can then redirect the patient if necessary to the right specialists (ear, nose and throat doctor, geriatrician, ophthalmologist, etc.).

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