The mission of AGIR POUR L’AUDITION, a charitable foundation, is improving lifelong hearing in men and women through effective prevention and support. Hearing loss is a major public health issue, affecting more than 10% of the French population and representing challenges at all ages of life. These include learning difficulties for children, tinnitus and deafness in adolescents exposed to loud music in headphones or at concerts, and personal and professional difficulties for elderly people, with isolation, signs of depression and early cognitive impairment.

To pursue its mission, AGIR POUR L’AUDITION implements programs approved by its different committees (scientific committee, project committee, ethics and professional conduct committee and board of directors) and driven by its teams.

AGIR POUR L’AUDITION supports scientific teams and researchers working on hearing health. The foundation is funding the creation of France’s first hearing institute, the Institut de l’Audition, which will open its doors at the end of 2017 with the best scientific teams.

AGIR POUR L’AUDITION supports initiatives by associations, especially the development of services to help people with hearing loss.

AGIR POUR L’AUDITION is positioned as a leading player in hearing health, working carrying out prevention, awareness and support initiatives for the general public.

We need your help!

Today, our foundation is mainly supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, which has made hearing health one of its priorities. With our operating costs covered, each euro raised goes toward research or associations. AGIR POUR L’AUDITION’s accounts are controlled and certified every year by an auditor, as required by law. AGIR POUR L’AUDITION meets all the legal and moral requirements of a charitable foundation.

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You can make a donation online by submitting the form below or sending a check to AGIR POUR L’AUDITION, 13 rue Moreau, 75012 Paris, France. All donors will receive a tax receipt.