Call for projects – Laboratories

The FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION offers two types of calls for proposals in order to:

  • support French research laboratories in the field of hearing sciences, including basic, applied, clinical, sociological and epidemiological research.
  • support young investigators to strengthen the excellence of French laboratories.

The aim is to support new approaches, to promote multidisciplinary research and, more broadly, to implement innovations and outcomes in order to improve hearing health in the short or long term.



Applications must comply with the foundation’s mission to improve hearing health and promote translational research in the following fields:


  • Auditory pathways and networks
  • Drug delivery,
  • Gene cell and pharmacological therapies,
  • Pathophysiology of hearing disorders and tinnitus.


  • Cohorts
  • Epidemiological studies
  • Development of new audiological diagnostic and screening tests and assessment tools
  • Psychoacoustics and psychophysics


  • Rehabilitation
  • Patient management
  • Treatment


  • Public health implication of hearing loss: psychological, physical and/or social aspects of hearing loss.



The overall budget of the 2017 call for proposals is set to 900,000 euros. Each project will be funded up to 100,000 euros per year for up to 3 years. The funding is provided annually; continuation of support for an additional two years is based on a report to be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.



The FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION grants are awarded to French teams in academic or clinical public research institutions. International collaborations are encouraged. The principal investigator and co-investigators must hold a faculty appointment (position equivalent to assistant professor or higher) in order to be eligible for a grant from the FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION.

Laboratories are ineligible for funding if they hold an active FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION award by the time of the 2017 FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION grant activation, i.e. October 1, 2017. Projects involving a member of the FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION Scientific Committee or Board of Directors and his/her laboratory are not eligible for an FONDATION POUR L’AUDITION research grant.


Selection process

The call is organized in five stages:

  1. Submission of a pre-proposal reviewed by the FOUNDATION POUR L’AUDITION Scientific Committee.
  2. Submission of a full proposal for selected pre-proposals.
  3. Full proposal review by international reviewers.
  4. Selection of full proposals by the Scientific Committee.
  5. Approval of the Board of Directors.



November 30, 2016 Launch of the 2017 call for pre-proposals
January 23, 2017 Pre-proposal application deadline
February 15, 2017 Selection of the pre-proposals
April 28, 2017 Full proposals electronic submission deadline
May 15, 2017 Deadline for submission of signed originals of full proposals
Late June, 2017 Selection of the full proposals by the APA Scientific Committee
Late July 2017 Award notification
October 1, 2017 Award activation
September 30, 2018 Deadline for grant agreement signature

Download the application form and policies of the call in the Resources tab.

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The 2017 call for projects is now closed.