AGIR POUR L’AUDITION is happy to announce the outcome of the 2015 call for research fellowships.The AGIR POUR L’AUDITION funding will allow awarded fellows to achieve their postdoctoral training in the hearing field in a research laboratory in France or abroad for a duration of 2 years.

The awarded fellows are:

  • Mr. Ludovic Bellier

Mr. Ludovic Bellier will join Pr. Robert T. Knight and Dr. Brian Pasley’s psychology laboratory at the Helen Wills Institute of Neurosciences at the University of California, Berkeley, USA where he will investigate the neural code involved in speech perception.


  • Ms. Jeanne Clarke

The AGIR POUR L’AUDITION fellowship awarded to Ms. Jeanne Clarke will allow her to conduct her research project in the Mechanics and Acoustics CNRS laboratory (UPR 7051) in Marseilles, France under the supervision of Pr. Olivier Macherey and Dr. Gaston Hilkhuysen. Its objective is to study how to better benefit from two different types of hearing aids: a cochlear implant on one ear and a hearing aid on the other.


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